I am now 24 and have been talking with a lot buy canada goose

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2 points submitted 1 year agoSorry for the long post. I an ED RN with two years of experience at a high volume, high acuity, level canada goose uk shop 1 trauma urban ED. I love nursing, it has provided with amazing experience and ability to truly make a difference in other lives. I just don think it what I want to be doing for the next 40 years. I want more autonomy.I am now 24 and have been talking with a lot buy canada goose jacket cheap of my ED attendings/residents about going to medical school. Most of them respond “why not PA/NP/CRNA?” In nursing school I was thinking I wanted to do CRNA, but I don think I would be happy doing that. My problem with NP is that I keep being told how it is to become an NP. From what it seems, NP is much more the job training uk canada goose for specialization, not what you learn in school (with the exception of CRNA).My thinking is canada goose clearance sale that I want to do a surgical specialty. I do see that PAs/NPs can do a lot as far as placing central lines, ventrics (nsgy PA/NP does them at my place), etc. I just think ultimately I want the autonomy of a surgeon. I just keep seeing discouraging articles about getting into medicine at this point.While there no guarantee I could get into a program, am I crazy for wanting to take 2 years worth of pre reqs + MCAT, 4 yrs med school, 5 years residency + fellowship to do surgery? Is there a PA/NP surgical specialty you recommend instead? 4 points submitted 1 year agoI think you have to consider what you really want out of life. Do you care more about being able to do some procedures but not be the ultimate decision maker? Or do you want to be in charge, doing all of the procedures/operations? I not one of those people that wants to follow someone else orders for the rest of my life. I want to see the patient, come up with a plan, do the entire procedure, and f/u afterwards. I not an RN, but I ultimately decided that 20 years down the road, I wouldn care about the length of time spent in training. I be cheap canada goose uk happier being the “big boss” so to speak.If you really don want to pursue that length of time in training, I would recommend pursuing PA w/ surgical first Canada Goose sale assist training. I Canada Goose Online don know of canada goose coats any NPs that do procedures https://www.canadagoosepark.com where I at. PAs however are allowed to do first assist, perform bedside procedures solo, etc. I get the feeling that attendings (at least where I am doing my training) don really trust NPs that much canada goose uk black friday and much prefer to have the PAs do it.I think I have the same thought process. Don Canada Goose Coats On Sale really think I mind putting in the time spent as long as I can become Canada Goose online the sole decision maker and do the procedure as I see fit. I think that be pretty important to me, and I think that even if I do go the surgical PA route, Ill eventually wish I had the autonomy of an MD.I guess my main hesitance is the “9/10 doctors wouldn recommend getting into medicine” statistic, and that a lot of them say go PA/NP instead. Idk, I think surgery is the safest specialty to go into without a high canada goose black friday sale risk for being overrun by PAs/NPs, there just nothing that can replace a decade worth of training when it comes to certain procedures. If I wanted to do primary care, I would go to NP school hands down.How old were you when you started medical school if you don mind me asking?tnolan182 14 points submitted 1 year agoER nurse here of many years. The best Canada Goose Jackets advice i can give you is to cluster all of your care and try to be as efficient as possible. Most of the time when i get a new patient, i wont even go see them canada goose store until the doctor goes to examine them. This allows me to catch up with my other patients while also piggy backing off the doctors exam. Plus i dont have to listen to patients whine that the doctor just asked them this or just looked Canada Goose Outlet at my wound etc.Also try to learn how to direct conversations and be able to excuse yourself as necessary. Patients often want to talk about everything but you dont have time for that. This doesnt mean be rude but i make a canada goose clearance point of keeping conversations and interactions short. My patients know my name and that i am available for anything they not there to shoot the shit.Lastly you may delegate a lot but this is not my style or preference. I typically only delegate pt transports, anything canada goose uk outlet else a tech does is a bonus. Techs vary greatly in reliability and skill. It uk canada goose outlet also important to have your own skills.simple10 1 point submitted 1 year ago30 minutes up to 2 hour response time for an active shooter situation? Maybe in a suburban or rural area but i doubt it in a metropolitan area like DC.I met with a Lieutenant of SWAT operations for the police dept of my city as a part of an emergency preparedness committee that I on, and 8 minutes was the number he gave for Swat to be on scene where I at. 5 for regular police officers. Definitely depends on locality and situation cheap canada goose jackets canada goose coats on sale though. SWAT is on standby 24/7 in large urban areas, which makes a difference, as well as the fact that everything is closer.

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